Climate-Controlled Self-Storage North Charleston

Self-storage units are a massive boon to anyone looking to declutter, organize, or find a safe space for keeping valuables. However, standard storage systems simply cannot keep some items safe from the weather. For these such occasions, Extra Room Self Storage is proud to offer climate-controlled self-storage units in North Charleston.

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What Is a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit?

Also commonly known as temperature-controlled storage, climate-controlled storage is essentially storage that is protected against weather conditions, moisture, and other common area hazards that may endanger your valuables and possessions.

Typically, a climate-controlled unit will include heating, cooling, strong insulation, and humidity control systems so that the storage space is kept at a minimum of 55 degrees during cold months, and a maximum of 75-80 during spring and summer.

Superior Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Units in North Charleston

Extra Room Self Storage offers climate-controlled, gated storage units to North Charleston clients! We understand that when you’re looking for self-storage solutions, you don’t want to stress over whether your items are safe. That’s why we boast some of the best security in the business, and why we are proud to offer climate-controlled units that keep your stuff safe, rain or shine.

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The Advantages of Climate-Controlled Storage

What can a bit of air conditioning and heating do, really? A lot more than you might think! By opting to choose a climate-controlled unit, you can gain a bunch of benefits from your self-storage unit, including:

  • Extensive protection for your possessions – Many of the items that people place in storage are heirlooms, antiques, expensive electronics, fabrics—things that, if damaged, would be costly or even impossible to replace! This is exactly what temperature-controlled storage is for.
  • No-stress storage – With a sealed, climate-controlled unit, you never need to stress about rain and flooding, high humidity, or other hazards that we might experience in the North Charleston area.
  • Comfortable and convenient self-storage use – The weather can present even more of a deterrent than the stress of packing, unpacking, and hauling. There’s nothing worse than sorting your storage unit in 100-degree heat, or during a cold snap! Since our climate-controlled storage units are accessed indoors, the units take a lot of the sting out of moving valuables into or out of your self-storage space.

What Items Are Safe in Climate-Controlled Storage?

Essentially, anything is far safer in a climate-controlled storage unit. That said, there are certainly some things that benefit far more than others. Some of the prime candidates for temperature-controlled storage include:

  • Electronics and electronic storage media
  • Photographs, microfiche, film, CDs, and DVDs
  • Artwork, antiques, and collectibles
  • Fabrics and leather
  • Metal items prone to corrosion
  • Wine and spirits
  • Antiques and heirlooms
  • Personal records and important documentation

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Climate-Controlled Storage Units from Extra Room Self Storage in North Charleston

At Extra Room Self Storage, our top priority is to provide clients with reliable, secure storage solutions. When you need a storage system that keeps your items as safe as possible, you can trust our team and cutting-edge facilities to meet your needs.

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