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Free Up Some Space in Your Self-Storage Unit: Packing and Protection

Sometimes items we have can take up large amounts of valuable space. To free up some space for your home or if you’re moving, then Extra Room Self Storage is your best bet. We take care of your belongings with 24/7 Security and help you with whatever you need for storage and moving. Most of the time the items you will want to store are items that are not being used as often, extra items or items being moved to a new home. Let’s get started with some storage tips to help you neatly and safely pack your Extra Room Self Storage unit!

Boxes. Boxes can take up large amounts of space in your storage unit is not utilized correctly. When packing boxes into your storage unit, you will want to stack boxes evenly to a certain height. If you stack them too high or have heavier boxes on lighter boxes, this puts you at risk of items falling onto you, someone else, or breaking. An article worth reading about packing boxes by Simply Self Storage can be found here: http://www.simplyss.com/blog/pack-%E2%80%98em-right-tips-in-organizing-a-self-storage-unit/


Weather. Weather can play a large role in damaging items if you’re not storing your items in a climate controlled storage facility. To protect items that are in boxes, placing them off of the ground is good so if your storage unit floods, the boxes and items inside will be safe from water damage. This also benefits the boxes with getting air circulation to keep the dust and dirt out! A great blog on the issue of choosing a climate-controlled storage unit can be found at Storage Choice. Check it out here: https://storagechoice.com/climate-controlled/items-that-need-a-climate-controlled-storage-unit/

Clothes. We all have times where we have so many clothes, but one day to put them in storage because of the vast amount of space in your closet they take up. When packing clothes into our Myrtle Beach self-storage facility, it is best to keep your clothes neatly organized. You can do this by investing in garment bags that you can put your clothes that have hangers in to hang up and have the same benefits as the boxes we mentioned earlier. Also, clothing packing cubes are a great helping with organizing clothes into categories and free up extra space. Another great blog on this topic can be found here at Storage Talk: http://blog.storage.com/store-summer-clothing-storage-unit/

Jewelry. And lots of it. To keep your extra jewelry safe from damage both physically and weather related, it is best to keep them inside a jewelry box with a hard exterior and padded interior in case they do happen to fall. Another great alternative is to use zip lock bags to store your jewelry in that can easily be placed between soft items to be protected from falling and breaking. To learn more on how to keep your jewelry safe while being stored in our Extra Room Self Storage unit, check out this article at the Insurance Information Institute: http://www.iii.org/article/self-storage-facilities-insurance-and-safety-tips-for-storing-your-stuff”