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Over the years of collecting clothes, furniture and moving, when you open up that storage unit of yours you might be thinking to yourself “Wow! How can I clean some of this out?”. One very common way is a yard sale. But before going ahead and doing this let’s make sure you are following some of the best practices that could in turn make you money and give you some extra space in your Extra Room Self Storage unit!

The first thing you will want to do is to clean out any items that are damaged or broken. When you have a garage sale you will want to make sure you have good quality items that could benefit you in earning money and free up space. Not only can you find items to sell in your self storage unit, but also at home! It isn’t very easy choosing what should go in the yard sale, but make a list and put the items you want to get rid of in separate piles by furniture, clothes, toys, books, etc.!

Now that you have all of your items listed and gathered, you would want to make sure that they are cleaned and presentable for anyone who will be visiting your yard sale! Not many people would go for dusty or stained items in a yard sale because people do look for quality items.

Another great thing to know before trying out a yard sale is checking the laws and limitations you ight have in your area. If you live in Pawley’s Island or Myrtle Beach, do check online for laws pertaining to yard sales! You don’t to have law enforcement showing up at your home for being on the wrong side of the law.

Once that is all settled, choose a date and time best suited towards your target audience. Most adults are busy weekdays so choosing a weekend to host your yard sale wouldn’t be a bad idea! If the weather is hot in the afternoon you may want to schedule your yard sale a bit earlier than usual. This will ensure longer times people would be staying there.

When the day comes and things are sold, you may still have some items left over! If they didn’t make it through the yard sale process try and donate them to your nearest donation station.

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